EOSC4Cancer Cancer Landscape Partners (CLP) Meeting - November 10th, 2023

Another eventful EOSC4Cancer Cancer Landscape Partnering (CLP) meeting was held on Friday, November 11th, in the presence of a large cohort of Work Package 6 project participants and partners. On the agenda for the day were two talks followed by collective discussions and questions.

The first talk was held by Corinna Brockhaus of INSTRUCT-ERIC, who gave an introduction to canSERV. The second talk of the day was given by Daniel Barrowdale of ELIXIR, who provided an update on the Cancer Roadmap Draft on the aftermath of the October Cancer Data Space Roadmap Consultation Event held in Brussels. The key outcomes of the roadmap consultation event discussions on Missing Data Types and Sources, National Nodes, and other missing aspects were reintroduced.

This meeting was rich in insights into the progress being made in the Roadmap Draft, while highlighting the challenges and work ahead. An important part was also the introduction of CanSERV’s mission and its role within the EU Cancer Mission, which EOSC4Cancer contributes to as well.

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