Cancer Data Space Roadmap Consultation Event

On October 17th in Brussels, EOSC4Cancer successfully held its Cancer Data Space Roadmap Consultation Event, with productive discussions and outcomes. In this event, a myriad of stakeholders took part in the discussions. Participants ranged from research infrastructures, patient organisations, healthcare providers, to related projects, industry partners, and public health institutes.

Throughout the multiple sessions held during the day, four main topics were discussed. Attendees held a conversation regarding Missing Data Types, through which an assessment of what data types are generally lacking and are proving more difficult to collect was made. 

During the second session participants discussed National Nodes: what coordinating existing initiatives would look like, self-assessment, and different levels of maturity of these initiatives. 

The third session of the day centered Missing Data Sources. The stakeholders discussed the main structural data sources, individual and population level data, as well as integration of data sources of EU projects and national initiatives. 

The concluding session of the day treated any Missing Additional Elements and aspects of the patient journey, treatment and development, data quality labels, and more. Attendees also discussed some more non-tangible issues, such as implementation aspects, data governance, and cyber-security.

We thank everyone who contributed to and enriched this session!

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