This use case leverages circulating DNA (ctDNA) information data-driven treatment selection for localised tumour. Circulating DNA (ctDNA) functional use-case opens an opportunity for data to flow into translational clinical research and thereby confirming the outcomes of this use-case, prospectively.  There is a potential for ctDNA to monitor the oncologic disease stage simply through extraction of tissue samples.  

This use case will build on the following data:

  • clinical data;
  • pathology reports;
  • molecular data;
  • radiologic data;
  • survey questionnaires from patients.

EOSC4Cancer’s well-curated data sets and infrastructure will facilitate the capture of data from diverse institutions and countries. The analysis of circulating DNA will be incorporated into the pipelines of cBioPortal. Clinicians can appreciate data without much technical bio-information support required of such a platform. This may likewise be shared with the public when the need arises (funding bodies). Under cBioPortal data are sustained, formatted, and made to be accessible and available for the right audience.