Deliverable D3.1 – Molecular Tumour Board Portal Interoperability

EOSC4Cancer’s Deliverable 3.1 details the advancements made in Task 3.1, focusing on theenhancement of interoperability between clinical trial databases and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) for oncology. The document’s principal authors are Macha Nikolski of Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and David Tamborero of Karolinska Instituet (KI) working within Work Package 3. Task 3.1 develops a data model that captures […]

SENSITIVE Deliverable D3.4 – Curated Repository for Biomarker-driven Clinical Trials

EOSC4Cancer’s Deliverable 3.4 explores the Molecular Clinical Trials Match (MCTM), geared towards automating the matching between the results of molecular diagnostic assays in tumors and up-to-date information on clinical trials eligibility criteria creating a system supporting efficient curation and access to the information needed to do so. The document’s principal author is David Tamborero of Karolinska Instituet […]