Deliverable D7.2 – Data Management Plan

EOSC4Cancer’s Deliverable 7.2 provides information as to what the relevant project components and repositories are (from each WP) and how they are managed This deliverable’s main authors are Dr. Ilaria Anna C. and Kurt Majcen, members of Work Package 7 partner BBMRI-ERIC. WP7 is consistently working towards establishment of the governance structure and data management […]

Deliverable D1.3 – Initial Data Resources Map

EOSC4Cancer’s Deliverable 1.3 is one of the first among a series of public deliverables that will be published to highlight the project’s efforts and results. The document is authored by Morris Swertz, Gerieke Been, Joeri van der Velde, and Ype Zijlstra, our project partners at UMCG, who along with other members of Work Package 1 […]

Deliverable D6.1 – Publication of Live Outreach and Communications Strategy

EOSC4Cancer’s Deliverable 6.1 outlines the communication and outreach strategy – the current efforts being made and future plans. This deliverable is authored by Work Package 6 partners empirica Gesellschaft für Kommunikations-und Technologiefoschung mbH and Elixir. It lays out an action plan for the consortium partners, aimed at making the project goals and progress well understood […]

Deliverable D2.1 – SOPs for Minimal Clinical, Image, and Omics Data Exchange

EOSC4Cancer’s Deliverable 2.1 gives an overview of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the key datasets in EOSC4Cancer, and describes what steps would be appropriate to improve these SOPs. This deliverable is authored by Work Package 2 partners EMBL, Lygature, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and Erasmus MC. They are collaborating towards developing data harmonization efforts to […]

Deliverable D1.4 – Synthetic Cohort Status

EOSC4Cancer’s Deliverable 1.4 provides a description of the strategies employed to generate cancer-specific synthetic data cohorts. The document is authored by Salvador Capella Gutierrez, Sergi Aguiló Castillo, Miguel Vazquez, Alberto Labarga, and Romina Royo Garrido, our project partners at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, who work towards enhancing access to cancer-related data by upholding the FAIR data […]

Deliverable D2.3 – Survey-based Report Determining Annotation and Harmonization Needs

EOSC4Cancer’s Deliverable 2.3 highlights the importance of common data standards, interoperability, and addresses challenges in data sharing and standardization in cancer research. This deliverable, curated by lead authors Palacký University in Olomouc and supported by Barcelona Supercomputing Center, aims to provide an in-depth exploration of the need for data harmonization in cancer research. The survey […]

Deliverable D1.1 – Data Resources Map

EOSC4Cancer’s Deliverable 1.1 builds upon the outcomes of the project’s Deliverable 1.3, consolidating a sustainable Data Resources Map. This deliverable, like its predecessor, is authored by Work Package 1 partner UMCG ambulancezorg. The complex nature of cancer requires integration of advanced research data across national boundaries to enable progress in prevention and care. The vision […]

Deliverable D5.1 – A Guidance Document for the EOSC4Cancer Learning Pathway

EOSC4Cancer’s Deliverable 5.1 outlines the learning path proccess after contextualizing underlying concepts such as learning and FAIR training. The document’s principal authors are Fotis Psomopoulos of Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH) and Fatima Al-Shahrour of CNIO – Spanish National Cancer Research Centre working within Work Package 5. The goal of WP5 is to identify and prioritize gaps in training related to […]