WP5 Webinar - Establishing a Network of Experts

The Webinar on Establishing the EOSC4Cancer Network of Experts was held on June 19th, led by Fotis Psomopulous (INAB/CERTH) and Celia van Gelder (Health-R). During this session, a range of topics from facilitation strategies to partnerships and use cases were discussed in productive conversation.

The webinar began with a welcome and an introduction to the EOSC4Cancer initiative, objectives, and current achievements. Training activities and capacity building for stakeholders, on the national and international level, were discussed, focusing on the goals of WP5 and the expected outcomes. The steps needed to achieve these goals were laid out and solidified. To conclude, the approach to establishing the European training support network was examined, evaluating what steps need to be taken to improve upon the already existing network. The presentation slides can be accessed through Zenodo.

This session was full of constructive conversations, during which new objectives and work strategies were set up.

EOSC4Cancer Network of experts