WP5 Cancer Data Training and Capacity Building Meeting

On October 18th, in a hybrid meeting in Brussels, EOSC4Cancer’s WP5 gathered its expertise to investigate how to drive forward cancer data training and capacity building.

During a packed day of sessions and discussions, the Work Package 5 coordinators shared overviews of current achievements, while defining future pathways of engagement and next actions. During the first session of the event, a rundown of the existing initiatives and additional resources was provided, followed by learning pathways available in other networks. The second session of the day ensued, organized in breakout groups, with a review of different actors and their expertise regarding capacity building, identifying topics and resources that can be used to build these capacity building pathways. The last session of the day, also in breakout format, focused on the RDMKit Cancer View and preparing a content draft for the platform. This also encouraged an open discussion on the governance structure of the RDMKit. The wrap-up session highlighted the progress made through the day, next steps, and Cancer Data Space Roadmap integration.

This meeting proved to be very fruitful and engaging – we thank WP5 for their efforts!

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