EOSC4Cancer gives interview for EOSC Macro-Roadmap

Macro-Roadmap for the outcomes of the Horizon Europe INFRAEOSC projects

In an interview conducted on 21st April, Salvador Capella and Alfonso Valencia from Barcelona Supercomputing Center, along with Veli Stroetmann and Carola Schutz from Empirica, shared their insights on their project’s results and their contribution to EOSC from an executive, communication, and technical level. The interview aimed to learn how each project adds value to the overall goal of achieving “one EOSC.”

The interview is one of many, intended to be conducted by EOSC Focus project with various EOSC-related projects to create a macro-roadmap that showcases how the outcomes of these projects contribute to the creation of EOSC and the fulfilment of the objectives of the EOSC Partnership. The Vademecum, a handbook for effective collaboration within the EOSC co-programmed Partnership, will define the macro-roadmap of EOSC implementation.

The EOSC Focus project intends to conduct one interview per project with a maximum of three project members. The interviews are expected to take around 45 minutes and will help create a comprehensive roadmap that visualizes the relationships between the projects and their results. The roadmap will also showcase how each project contributes to achieving EOSC’s overall goal.