EOSC4Cancer and organise EU cancer project synergy meeting

Photo meeting UNCAN EOSC4Cancer Jan 2023 2

January 17th, EOSC4Cancer teamed up with to align EU cancer projects in a synergy meeting at Barcelona Supercomputing Center. CAN.HEAL, EUCANCan, canSERV, B1MG, GDI, and AACR GENIE also participated in the meeting. This is the first step in an intense project collaboration with similar EU level efforts focussing on cancer data.
Discussions focussed on the EU cancer project landscape and related data flows. Participants discussed how UNCAN could use the EOSC4Cancer infrastructure as a reference. They also created a draft catalogue, mapping characteristics of current EU cancer projects. The meeting also contributed to the definition of the upcoming European Cancer Research Data Hub, to be established by

Find out more in the dedicated press release by Barcelona Supercomputing Center!