Deliverable 5.1 - A guidance document for the EOSC4Cancer learning pathway

Deliverable 5.1, produced by EOSC4Cancer’s WP5, is now published and available to the public! The document’s main authors are Fotis Psomopoulos of CERTH and Fatima Al-Shahrour of CNIO. This deliverable, titled “A guidance document for the EOSC4Cancer learning pathway”, represents a consolidation of Work Package 5’s efforts in designing learning paths within the EOSC4Cancer framework, in close collaboration with ongoing initiatives both within and beyond the EOSC4Cancer project, such as the ELIXIR Learning Paths Focus Group leadership.

Work Package 5 aims to empower clinicians and cancer researchers with the skills and knowledge to most effectively use the project’s tools and infrastructure. WP5 has defined a design protocol towards implementing learning paths, providing a structured approach that starts from a mapping of skills and roles, through to the relevant training material and capacity building training, short- and long-term courses.

To read more about Work Package 5’s ongoing work and future targets, read the deliverable here.