‘Cancer Landscape Partnering’ meeting

Last week, the Cancer Landscape Partnering (CLP) meeting took place, led by EATRIS (T6.2 leader). 21 participants from 15 project partners gathered virtually to discuss the mission of the group, which is to partner and manage the developing European data, e-Health, and cancer landscape to guide project execution. This is intended to be achieved by

  • collection of input on joint activities on key topics such as meetings, workshops, status updates,
  • bilateral requirement gathering,
  • feedback on the EOSC4Cancer work-packages (via WG representatives), and
  • bi-monthly WP6 meetings

Two talks were presented, the first on Health RI, and the second on the summary of the UnCAN-EOSC Cancer meeting held in Barcelona, which provided an overview of the UNCAN and EUCAIM projects. The meeting ended with a discussion on the presented topics.