Another ‘Cancer Landscape Partnering’ meeting 

The meeting was held on April 28, 2023, focusing on federated clinical applications for cancer analysis.  Andrew Stubbs from Erasmus MC and Jordi Rambla from the Centre for Genomic Regulation, presented their insights on the subject. 

Stubbs presented on “Federated clinical applications in the cancer area at CINECA.” He discussed how his team had implemented the GA4GH standards in a technical stack that enabled FAIR federated CLOUD analysis in Galaxy. Stubbs also introduced the Cancer Galaxy, a cloud service that provides different workflows for various omics analyses.  

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Cancer Landscape Partnering meeting on 28 Aril, 2023

Jordi Rambla from the Centre for Genomic Regulation presented on “GA4GH and the Cancer community.” He discussed how GA4GH is based on technical and regulatory challenges for this infrastructure and introduced the GA4GH Implementation Forum (GIF) and the need for new Driver Projects in GA4GH. 

The virtual meeting provided insights into the challenges of federated clinical applications for cancer analysis and the need for a standardised infrastructure to move analyses to the data. The experts emphasised the importance of collaboration and resource allocation to ensure the success of such initiatives.